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With a housing boom in cities following the industrial revolution, many of the homes in Britain’s architectural landscape are period properties built in the Gian, Victorian and Edwardian eras. As thousands of people flocked to cities, there was little space to build sprawling homes, and wealth was instead demonstrated through the finer details. Proportions were much more generous than they tend to be now and ceilings were much higher. Moulding was used to add decoration and interest to rooms – the more elaborate, the better. Picture rails – the strips of moulding that sit just below the ceiling – served two functions: to balance out the height of the ceiling to give a room a better sense of proportion, and to allow items to be hung around the walls without worry of damaging them..

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Picture rails are 1frac12;-inch to 2-inch strips of molding that adhere to walls and run horizontally around the room, typicallynbsp;at the height that aligns with the tops of any window panes or just above the full. Sometimes, however, they cannbsp;almost blend in with the crown molding, placed only a few inches from the ceiling. What distinguishes this trim from others in the room is itsnbsp;(potential) function.This type of molding was once an elegant way of hanging artwork on hard-to-prate plaster walls.nbsp;Popular in New England and Southern townhouses during the Victorian era, picture rails may seem like a quaint throwback, but they cannbsp;still look fresh today and serve a purpose..

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Long long ago, back in 2012, I made a massive discovery and decided to share it on my blog after I8217;d revisited painting my Edwardian Home8217;s living room. This living room had a picture rail 8211; ya know, the bit of moulding that goes around the entire room about a foot (more or less) below where the coving meets the ceiling. years gone by (and probably still now), people used these to hang pictures from (thus the name) so they weren8217;t having to put nails into their walls.This is quite a desirable feature for a lot of period houses..

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Houzz Contributor and homes, architecture and property journalist. I work on a range of homes websites and editmercial and editorial digital content at the Royal stitute of British Architects Journal. I have managed subbing departments at magazines Country Homes amp; teriors and Ideal Home and web content teams for Time c UK’s Homes Network.These architectural features are beautiful in themselves. Realise their full potential, though, and they can define a space and extend it, reflect progression through a house, and provide framing devices for the boldest of prints.Swap in a peg railA picture rail doesn’t have to be, well, a picture rail..


More specifically, should you paint the wall colour above the picture rail? Or, bring the ceiling colour down to the picture rail? It’s a long debated question in the small world of interiors. It’s that bit of wall that sits between the picture rail and the cornicing (or ceiling). Know to some as the frieze. Do you treat is as part of the wall, or treat it as part of the ceiling? Surely it’s a simple enough question that has a ‘right’ answer?Nope. The annoyingly ambiguous answer is, it depends what effect you want to achieve. There is no definitive right or wrong answer..

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Commonly found in period homes, a picture rail is the strip of moulding that sits just below the ceiling. Originally used to hang artwork without the worry of damaging the walls, today picture rails serve a more decorative purpose. Confused about how best to incorporate them into your design scheme? Here are four fabulous ideas to get your creative juices flowing.Standard practice is to paint your picture rail and the space above it in white. However, splashing out on a bolder shade will add character and interest to your space. Carol Maxwell of maxmademedoit has used a warm pink on the ceiling, which she has run down onto the walls to the line of the picture rail..

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Wee to freewallpaper and background picturemunity. Painting Above The Picture Rail Living Room Corner – Do You Paint Above Picture Rail is high-quality wallpapers that is actively uploaded and shared by users. Its resolution is 750PX x 1125PX, which can be used on your desktop, tablet or mobile devices..

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Wallpaper is the ideal way to make a style statement in any room. While paint can be totally transformative it doesn8217;t always have quite the same impact as wallpaper. Whether papering all four walls or opting for a focal feature wall, or even being bold enough to paper the ceiling, the right wallpaper design can dramatically transform an interior in no time at all.The wonder of wallpaper is that it can be used in so many different ways, it8217;s not just about where you use it but how. With the right idea using colour and pattern is a rewarding way to make the most of any room..

Should You Paint Above The Picture Rail? Swoon Worthy

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Decorating: 8 Ways to corporate Dado and Picture Rails Houzz UK

Picture rail mouldingsnbsp;are not present in every period house and every room. Old houses with low ceilings would not have originally had picture rails as a picture rail requires a ceiling to be tall. The function of picture rail is to divide up and give a structure to plain walls; it also allows the hanging of paintings on these walls without the need for damage to be made to plastered wall surfaces in the form of nails or screws. the Victorian era picture rails were often only present in downstairs reception rooms and not those utilitarian Victorian rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms where practicality was the order of the day..

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But what if you want to go bolder with your colour choice? ‘Strong colours often soften a room and are the perfect distraction from its size and shape,’ Charlotte explains Colours like Radicchio or Studio Green can help to create an inviting retreat, while adding impact and depth to a room.’Using a single colour in a room is a clever way to create more space,’ reveals Charlotte. ‘With no point of reference and without contrasts, you’re less aware of where things stop and start. Try applying just one colour such as Vardo or Pitch Blue over a picture rail and up onto the ceiling to make the room feel higher and give an illusion of loftiness..

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Architectural Columns and RailsBuild columns, add chair rails and hang picture and plate rails for extra details around your home.How to stall a Sophisticated Chair RailTransform the look of your wall with a simple, yet elegant chair rail.How to Make a Chair Rail Using Place MatsTry this chair rail as a quick treatment to cover dents and dings in your wall..

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Wee the magic of Christmas into your entrance hall with these Christmas hallway decorating ideas. With guests popping in and out (we hope) during the festive season, ensure you bring decorative flair to your hallway for a proper yuletide wee.While the hallway is mostly dressed for guests, let8217;s not et that as a homeowner it has to bring you joy every day too. As homes don8217;t have many decoration upstairs, it8217;s nice to decorate the stairs to create a sense as if you8217;re walking into a winter wonderland as you walk down the stairs every day of advent.A statement flower arrangement in a hallway will set the scene for festivities the moment you step through the doors..

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Dado rails, also called chair rails, are an architectural feature present in many period homes.While the rails were added to serve the purpose of protecting the walls from being knocked by chairs and furniture, the dado rails also add to the aesthetic which is enhanced with the use of colour.Whether you have a period home or a modern one, a dado can be the perfect accent.The height of a dado rail is traditionally 90cm from the ground up, in line with the average chair height, but it can be higher depending on the size and function of a room.The area of the wall below the dado rail is called the dado, the actual dado rail can be added or omitted..

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A paddle can make a great staircase railing. It already has the shape and size most staircases need so you can easily repurpose it. It would be a great idea, especially for a beach house or a lake retreat.Bring nature inside your home and use a custom branch as stair railing. You just have to find the right branch to use for the project. You can also make a custom branch and only use the shape as inspiration.For an outdoor staircase, a free form vine can make a perfect handrail. You can find something like this in the woods and integrate it into your garden..

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For most projects, no single factor drives the choice of metal for any kind of application. You might want something that’s easily formable but also strong — or great looking — or inexpensive. One topic that oftenes up, especially for projects that’ll reside in harsh environments like[.]Since 1904, the Dahlstrom® name has been synonymous with an accepted standard of excellence in custom roll formed products. Over a century of consistent work in the roll formnbsp;industry has left Dahlstrom® with a broad range ofnbsp;1400+ unique profiles. If you are unable to find the shape you require in our catalog, Dahlstrom® can design amp; produce a new customponent that meets your specifications..

Should You Paint Above The Picture Rail? Swoon Worthy

A picture rail is not just a decorative moulding, it has a very specific purpose and, just as the name suggests, it is used to hang pictures from. It is a great alternative to drilling holes in the wall and it makes moving pictures very simple. To move the picture left or right, you simply move the hook along the picture rail and if youx27;d like it to be higher or lower, you can adjust the chain at the back of the picture.During the Gian period, the most fashionable interior walls were divided horizontally into three parts, reflecting the proportions of a classic column and traditionally, we think of a picture rail as a thin wooden moulding below the cornice from where pictures were hung..

6 Modern Dado And Picture Rail Ideas Tips \u0026 Tricks Lick

If you happen to live in a period home like I do and you’re lucky enough to have lots of architectural features such as coving, ceiling roses, wood panelling, elaborate banisters, mantelpieces and so forth, then cherish them. They add oodles of interest and character and turn rooms from drab to fab. When I moved into my pad many of the original features had been stripped away, criminal no? It was a painstaking task recasting cornices, seeking out ceiling roses and putting banisters back in, but so totally worth it!If you’ve moved into a pad built after 1960 chances are it will be devoid of such character..

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Within many Victorian and Gian properties, trims and mouldings were implemented for both form and function. Several came to exist purely due to the construction limits of the era, whilst others were inspirations of classic architecture. terior mouldings were often considered a sign of a room’s relevance; the more decorative designs were used only in areas seen by guests. Below are some period features to keep an eye out for when you next go view a property.Corbels are ornamental brackets used in Victorian and Edwardian hallways, usually presented in the shape of an arch. Similar supports can be found in slate and marble fireplaces from the period underneath the mantelpiece..

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I love a house with period features. Picture rails, sash windows, working fireplaces and coving; I just can8217;t get enough of those decorative touches that make a house look a little special. Sadly, many of the homes I viewed while house-hunting have had these period features removed over the years when they were 8216;modernised8217;. It seemed a shame to have just a bare hole where the fireplace used to be. I found myself wanting to put all those details back and, when I started to research this, I discovered that there are plenty of low-cost ways to update your home and add period features without spending a fortune..